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 Gateway Explination

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Rebecca Utsuro

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PostSubject: Gateway Explination   Sun Dec 27, 2009 10:31 pm


The Gateway's are portals which teleport you to a hidden or customized battleground. Currently, the Gateway's are naturally named after a certain type of demon, who last ruled that gateway. You can gain control of these Gateway's, but only if you have defeated whoever is dominant over that gateway, and drove them out, claiming it as yours. After you have done that you will gain something we call 'Dominion' over the Gateway. The Gateway description will say who has dominance over it.

Gateway battles are about the race. If a group of Shinigami enter a gateway, and kill a group, or run a group of hollows, who had previous dominance over the gateway, the Shinigami now have possession over it. People can perform attacks as much as they want on other gateways, in attempts to take over the gateway for their own use.


Shadow Reapers hold dominance over one gateway. The Soulreapers feel like expanding their terrain, so they decide to take over that gateway for themselves. A group of soulreapers enter that gateway, and perform attacks on the Shadowreapers, in attempts to drive them out. If successful, the shadow reapers were removed from the gateway, and the soulreapers now have full control over it.

Gateways are like stations. The more gateways you have, the better it can be for you, as long as you can run them all correctly, with enough defense. When in rule of the gateway, it acts as a second home to your race, allowing you to stay there, build strength, and expand your army, as well as reward you.

If you have have complete control over a gateway, Soul Relics will be awarded to the entire group that has dominance over it. Each weak, if it is still in your full posession, you will gain a certain amount of soul relics.
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Gateway Explination
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