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 BLEACH: New Divide

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PostSubject: BLEACH: New Divide   Fri Jan 29, 2010 4:13 pm

Prosperity is always constructed on the foundations of poverty and discrimination... And the two exist in even the most ideal of societies... -Shuei Setsuna.

-Karakura Town-
The turf war between Shinigami and the last surviving Quincys intensifies downtown. Until now there have always been peace, but as a result from six months ago, things have taken a turn for the worst...Six Months Ago In the General Hospipal, the man named Fate of the Gotei 13 was assassinated. This man had dispatched assassins to bring down the leader of the Bounts, leader of "Organisation XI", an up-and-coming gang in Kagamino City. But the attempt ended in failure. In return, the life of the assassination's attempt's perpetrator was forfeited. To the poor downtrodden, he was their savor. After Fate's assassination, Karakura Town came under the thumbs of the Bounts. However, they failed to bring all gangs of humans under their influence. That is except one. The Quincys. They managed to work beside the Quincy and help them destroy the remaining Shinigami. However, the Quincy feared extinction as they lost numbers with the Bounts. Giving that fact, they formed an alliance with a gang of known 'super' humans from high school education that call themselves the Yokai. The two said to be destined the new leaders of Karakura Town. They owe a great debt of gratitude to the Bounts and in so they all formed together and finally decided to take out the Shinigami

-The Present-

With the death of Fate, the balance order, commanding order, and the balance of power has tipped and all three of the race awaits the opportunity to rule the underworld. To restore order to the chaotic downtown scene, the Captain-Commander is out numbered and attempts to arrange a meeting with La Primera of Hueco Mundo. The attempt was a success only to be told from La Primera, 'If you want our help, first you must battle and defeat those I designate.' The Captain-Commander swallows this cynical circumstance so that he himself may bring things to a conclusion with the balance of order. Meanwhile, the Captains of the Gotei 13 swing into action with their Lietanents into Karakura Town to assume leadership of the town, the Captains see it necessarily to defeat the Bounts and Quincys again along with their new allied friend. To do this, the Captain-Commnder explains to La Primera the situation the Bounts are doing. Then sooner or later the Arrancars were next due to their continuous spirit hunts with the lowly Hollows. La Primera and the Captain-Commander agrees on both terms to help one another. Civil wars are on the verge of breaking out...What will happen next?
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BLEACH: New Divide
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