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 vizard app

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PostSubject: vizard app   Thu Jan 14, 2010 7:13 pm

● Name:melvin

● Alias:other vizards and the soul reapers

● Age:308

● Appearance Age:15

● Age Of Death:13

● Gender:male

● Former Squad:1

● Appearance:a black spiky haired who wears a soul reaper garb

● Personality:friendly and will put his life on the line for his teamates and is not shy aroud girls he likes

● Name:blazomaro

● Release Phrase:burn with a buning flame and destroy and give life

● Zanpakuto Family:fire

● Sealed Appearance:a regular katana

● Manifestation Appearance:a monkey with a flame on his tail and head

● Shikai Appearance:a giant zanbato

● Shikai Ability:to blast fire

● History:trived to become a good soul reaper and manage to be in the first squad but very soon he lost his powers and had to train to get them back but his chain broke and started to become a hollow he manage to will his way into not becoming and bacame a vizard no one knew of his power for a while evan he didant know of it. one day a hollow almost killed him but his hollow mask came and he killed the hollow and discoverd his powers but still no one learned it untill he went into the hollow mask form on a mission

● RP Sample:

● Name:zaro

● Manifestation Appearance:looks like me but evil has blue marking on his face

● Hollow Mask Appearance:a skull with blue markings on it

● Ability:hard skin, super fast, cero, super strengh

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Kuenai Kourei


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PostSubject: Re: vizard app   Thu Jan 14, 2010 10:13 pm

more history, more personality, you wont get the viazard position with this app

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vizard app
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