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 Naruto: Ninja Generation

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Rebecca Utsuro

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PostSubject: Naruto: Ninja Generation   Fri Jan 01, 2010 7:38 pm

Naruto: Ninja Generation

Site Address: http://ninja-gen3.forumotion.com
Theme: The overall theme is a naruto RPG thats set 50 years after naruto steps down from the hokage position.
Language: English, Japanese
Category: Games & RPG


  • Emanyeru A. Kouseitan'i (me)


  • Getsuo R. Kouseitan'i - Global Admin
  • Somatsu Kenkaku - Global Admin
  • Kaito Daichi - Roleplay Admin


  • Sorrow Uchiha - Graphic Designer
  • .Britt~Britt - Graphic Designer
  • Dimitrix Sirozaki - Support Moderator


    Ninja Files

  • Specially formatted forum that utilizes the multi-forums in one trick to host the links to the various inner forums. Inside this forum are the Announcements, Creation Area, Staff Applications, and Old Files

    Introductions and Departures

  • A similar forum to the first which also uses the multi-forums in one trick to host the introductions forum and the departures forum.

    Grand Upgrade Store

  • A specially formatted forum that hosts the Elemental Upgrade, Weapon Upgrade, Stat Upgrade, and Jutsu Upgrade forums

    Grand World Academy

  • Another specially formatted forum that holds the RP Academy, Training grounds, And Ninja academy

    The Ninja Villages

  • Ash Country
  • Grain Country
  • Marsh Country
  • Northern Ice Country
  • Shadow Knight Empire
  • Sun Country

    Traveling in between countries

  • Specially Formatted forum that holds all of the traveling forums.

    OOC Foum

  • Specially Designed forum that holds all of the off rpg topics.

Forum Statistics

Special Features

  • Features a fully comprehensive stat system (80% Complete)
  • Features a fully comprehensive monetary system (Complete)
  • Features a fully comprehensive battle system (60% Complete)
  • Features a fully comprehensive item system (In the works atm)
  • " " " " leveling system (40% Complete)
  • " " " " training system (40% Complete)
  • " " " " Health, Chakra and Stamina System (60% Complete)
  • " " Music Playlist maker complete with functions for users to search up any songs that they would like.
  • " " Anime Library filled with all of the Naruto Ep. (In the works atm)
  • And much much more!!!

Update Link: http://help.forumotion.com/games-rpg-f18/naruto-ninja-generation-v301-new-and-improved-finished-and-running-t50700.htm#327495

Rebeccas Bankai

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Naruto: Ninja Generation
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