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 Heisui Fudou (wip)

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Heisui Fudou


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PostSubject: Heisui Fudou (wip)   Wed Dec 30, 2009 1:03 am


~Basic Info~

● Name: Heisui Fudou

● Alias: tanki-kuun

● Age: 16

● Gender: Male

● Appearance: Hei has black scruffy hair that goes to his chin and a little bit over his eyes that are dark green/brown. his eyes slanted, making him look disturbing and evil. he wears a grey button-up shirt underneath his dirty green jacket and a black scarf around his neck that he hides scars around his neck. there are 5 scars running from deep stab wounds around his upper torso, with blade-like marks going up his body and ending under the chin. one long scar in the back and four on the front. he is 6'1 and has a lanky build along with narrow shoulders. making him look compact and completely fast.

● Personality: Hei likes tart, sour, foods along with cornwheat noodles, sour plum onogiri, netta beans, and miso soup with pickles. he loves to be in a crowd but hardly ever talks in one due to how his voice effects females. he likes laying down and staring into space, reading history books along with venoms in snakes. though whenever someone hits his soft side, he snaps and his eyes turn bright green as he silently attacks. either with words or with force, either way the end is the same. they hardly mess with him again.

~Power Information~

● Name:

● Power appearance:
● Power Description:

● Advanced Power Appearance:
● Advanced Power Description:

~History/RP Sample~

● History: (Your characters History/Background.)

● RP Sample: (A simple roleplay sample. Optional, but it increases your chances of obtaining a higher position)
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Heisui Fudou (wip)
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