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 Rebecca Utsuro

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Rebecca Utsuro

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PostSubject: Rebecca Utsuro   Tue Dec 29, 2009 1:43 am


~Basic Info~

Name: Rebecca Utsuro

Alias: -

Age: 190

Appearance Age: 16-17

Age Of Death: 1

Gender: Female

Former Squad: Squad 2


She also wears a black coat, that hangs down to the middle of her shin, and covers her body, that hides the fact she doesn't wear an actual shirt. The front of the black cape has a zipper, allowing it to be zipped all the way up, and the sleeves each have a white stripe that extends down the outer sides. And on the top, is a hood that hangs fown the back. The coat can be opened up, all the way up, to the neck, though it will go no further, allowing for faster maneuverability, and making her body visible.

She has ocean/sky blue eyes, and her left eye, whenever she is serious, or angry, a flame will appear, as if it is hovering directly infront of the eye. The flame is transparent, and does no harm on touch. (See left eye in pic for closer look)

Personality: Tousou is a serious, yet fun girl to be around. She can sometimes be clumsy, and can easily screw something up, but her skill in battle highly makes up for her mistakes. When her Shikai is used, or her Bankai has been used, she becomes a very powerful, and to the point Vizard. Tousou is not the kind of girl to let others fall behind, even if a mission is failed because of it. She can be shy at first, but if she begins to feel comfortable around others, she will open up a bit.

~Zanpakuto Information~

Name: Izanagi

Release Phrase: Resurrect Izanagi!

Zanpakuto Family: Reiryoku

Sealed Appearance:

Manifestation Appearance:

Shikai Appearance:

Shikai Ability: Capable of manipulating large amounts of Raietsou, such as large beams and blasts of Raietsu, or manipulating it around themselves for defense.

~History/RP Sample~


Human Arc

Rebecca was born, with a mother who was very sick, causing her to die, after delivering Rebecca. After Rebecca had turned one, she later died, for an unknown reason. It is said that her mothers sickness effected her in some way, though there was no signs of actual evidence.

Soul Arc

After the soul burial, from a man in black robes, holding a strange sword, Tousou was transported to the soul society, where she was told she can live in peace forever. Living in the soul society, Tousou met a lot of kind people, and even learned of an academy where you could train to become a Soul Reaper. Tousou joined the academy, and progressed well, for her young age. By the time Tousou became a full fledged soul reaper, she was assigned to the main branch of the Kuchiki family, though by the time she was suppose to be placed there, her spot had already been filled by someone more skilled then her. Tousou was later put into squad 2, due to her great speed.

Vizard Arc

After becoming a member of squad 2, she became a normal soul reaper, with no special abilities, other then secretly training for her Bankai. After completing her Bankai, another soul reaper had reported, to the captain commander about what he had saw, quickly setting them on the decision, that Rebecca should quickly fill, the most needed, and empty captain spot. She led squad 2, through the toughest of missions, and did slightly well as a captain, though she was considered one of the youngest captains, other then Toshiro Hitsugaya. During one of the most dangerous missions she was assigned, which was to infiltrate the Hueco Mundo, and gather evidence on what had been being planned by the arrancar, she was spotted by one of them, and quickly had a army of Arrancar on her. They held her there for days, trying to get evidence out of her, torturing her, and sending her through arcs of pain, one, after another, until she spoke. They also demanded information on the human world, which she could not give even if she wanted to, due to her dieing as a human at such a young age, her knowledge of the human world is very, very little. After days of endless torture, Rebeccas shinigami powers had weakened tremendously, then left her, causing the chain of fate to appear on her chest. The chain was quickly de materializing, about to turn her into a hollow fast. At this stage, the Soul Society had called off every search party for her, and officially declared her dead. Right before Rebecca almost turned into a hollow, one of the arrancar, felt a slight sympathy for her, due to his aspect, and decided to share a little of its power with hers, not knowing it would create something even more powerful. Rebecca awoke the next way, with a mask laying next to her, in the human world, laying in the middle of a park, not fully understand what happened. Her wounds, still bleeding, and hurting, she stepped up, and tried to communicate the soul society, though no matter how many times she tried, she couldn't seem to get through. Entering a strange looking shop after a while of travel, she met a man, that appeared to be a soul, inside of a perfectly configured Gigai. The man explained everything to her, and treated her wounds, as well as fed her, and gave her a place to stay for some time.

RP Sample:

One who once led the Rain village, who once led the Akatsuki, and who once Led the demonic village, which had disappeared within the shadows, Named Revy, was standing behind one of the few trees in the area, leaning against it, with her arms crossed, and one foot up on the tree. With a quick few hand seals, she peaked out, looking at the man, that seemed as if he was performing some sort of attack. The hand seals activated a Jutsu, and almost immediately, a circular, tall wall of hundreds of fat, but short needles of lightning circled him, blocking all directions, but above. As the rain thickened, to the point where each raindrop would sting bare skin a bit, Revy walked out from behind the tree, and walked towards the man.

As the rain fell, each raindrop hit the needles made of lightning, which were floating in one place around the man, stationary. Each raindrop made a static like sound as they hit the needles. Revy walked closer to the man, right outside of the circular, stationary wall of lightning needles that had been surrounding the man. "What are you trying to accomplish here?" She said to the surrounded man. Revy wore no headband, or any sign of any village, but a black rain village headband, that had looked to be millions of years old, and was all roughed up, and damaged, which was wrapped around her left arm. Across the top of her forehead, and her right eye, was white bandaging, hiding her right eye.

~Hollow Mask Information~

Name: Name Unknown - goes by Orustu, or at times, Izanagi

Manifestation Appearance:

Hollow Mask Appearance:

Ability: Increased attack size, defense, and tremendously increases the wearers speed. The Raietsu attacks of the user are highly increased. Another unique feature, is that while the mask is on, the wearer fights as if they feel no pain, and can continue, and continue to fight after receiving wounds

● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ●
[Taishou Vizard, Former Captains/Vice Captains only]


Bankai Name: Hisakata Izanagi

Bankai Zanpakuto Appearance: In her Bankai, Rebecca is given another weapon, known as a Raietsu Blaster. It is the heavy, over sized cannon, that looks as if it was attached to her arm, where her hand goes into the center of the back, though it can dematerialize, and re materialize at her will. The cannon itself, is made of Reiryoku, allowing her to do so. It can shoot beems of Raietsu out, with incredibly force, but only in direct lines. Due to the cannons weight, it slows her down a lot.

Other weapon is known as the Hisakata Izanagi, a long black, very fast sword, which holds no special properties, other then it can shoot beems of Raietsu out, as well as manipulate it around the user, in different ways.

Bankai Character Appearance:

Bankai Ability: Use of the Raietsu cannon (As shown above), increased speed, and increased output of Raietsu in attacks, as well as size, and power.

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Rebecca Utsuro
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