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 Kaze Daizaemon

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Kaze Daizaemon

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PostSubject: Kaze Daizaemon   Mon Dec 28, 2009 12:46 am


~Basic Info~

Name: Kaze Daizaemon

Alias: Underground King of K-Town, or your highness if your short on breath.

Age: 18

Gender: Male, So male your genetalia feels weakened by my maleness.

Appearance: Kaze is very tall standing at a staggering height of 6'7 and above that having somewhat spikey yet short hair standing up another 2 inches on his head making him appear to be almost 6'9 if he stands up straight with his hair in its usual spiked way. Kaze is incredibly strong and that cane be told by looking at him. He values his strength above many aspects of himself. He wears a jacket that was torn up long ago with a set of gloves the same dark black color on his hands that don't cover his fingers quite all the way. He is usually carrying a sack of sand attached to a string on his back to train his back and keep it in shape to make sure he isn't going soft in any aspect.

His pants are black as well however they are a little to big for him around the waist and often can be seen coming off his waist however they stay on because his massive leg muscles keep the pants from falling off as well as the pure white strings that can be tied to make the pants stay on him. He has a scraggly beard on his face that includes side burns. He has protruding eyebrows and powerful eyes that seem to peer into your soul when he glares at you. However his defining appearance is his raw muscle that covers his body from neck to thigh. Another note is a scar like thing that Kaze will never get healed. It is a shinigami sandal shoe print on his head from a hard stomp that has permanently hinder the back of his neck with a slightly incorrect spine.

On his person at all times he carries the weapons that he trained with in the forest. This includes a katana blade on his back under his torn jacket thing. A kunai pouch attached to his left thigh, a shuriken pouch attached to his right thigh a senbon pouch on his right waist and a pair of whatever you call Asuma's blades swalllows or whatever hang off the left side of his waist. Finally across his waist going in a complete circle around his body at stomach level hid by his giant pants are a ring of daggers.

Personality: General Aspects: *Likes: Sex, Fighting, Winning, Challenging himself, Women, being badass, his friends *Dislikes: being shown as weak, being forced down, kneeling in general, Non Challenging Fights, His Other Family [wtf is this...its a secret], Long Term Wars.*Hobbies: Trains his muscles,Fights those who think they are stronger than him, kill.*Habits: Kaze will randomly close his eyes and listen to movements instead of following his sight. Personality Otherwise: Kaze is always in a mood for a good fight with any opponent who will challenge him. However he has fought many who have been less than that so he is usually somewhat weary of how strong his opponents are and will sometimes deny challenges to him based on the information he has about his enemies. He has one main goal in his life and that is the goal of killing the most badass and hardcore guy out there. To win every fight and to defeat all enemies. Not only bringing in peace to everyone in the world by winning every battle and finishing every battle there ever was but also making himself the strongest which was all he could ever care about other than his close friends and family since he could remember.

Even when he was just a young child. He was always trying to fight anyone and anything that moved and over the time decided that all his free time should be spent on meditating, building his chakra, and training. Those were the three aspects of his life. Only natural graces allowed him to grow big and tall to get into a muscular giant who defeated all who came into his way and his personality adapted to this. His personality became more along the lines of "Move or fight me." Very short worded and doesn't like to speak much. Hates taking on students and will only listen to his superiors once he has been beaten by them in a fair open match fight. He will rebel against capital punishment unless he feels that he has done something that damn deserved it. Kaze speaks his mind in short sentences keeping his words to a minimum and yet still letting his opinions known to the world. He cannot stand to remain silent in most situations but he hates being lengthy and wordy in his speeches.

Kaze is also a very intelligent man. He thinks everything through before he says it and whenever someone is not talking to him or expecting an answer from him or fighting him he will take his time to think up what to do in the situation. He thinks very quickly usually however some situations delicate in manner take time to be thought through and take effort on his part. In combat this helps him greatly and allows him to comprehend his opponents moves and think through a counter strategy that uses his massive body size and strength. He thinks about his opponent and slowly through the battle phsycologically profiles them into groups and then uses strategies he has come up with to defeat these groups of people to fight against them and it usually comes along in a very successful way. In other situations however he has been prone to overthink about things and go overboard constantly trying to figure everyone out and unable to accept the fact that some people are just not what he thinks they are. However he usually can get somwhere in the right area.

~Power Information~

Name: Metal Body

Power appearance: Kaze's body will transform into a metallic like state. However in this unreleased state the change is completely internal. His muscles will condense and under the skin layer a layer of steel will form. He will be in a constantly flexed state as far as his muscles go however he will be somewhat wieghed down by the metal. However in a few places an extra strand of metal will protrude. Those places are two 6 inch metal spikes protruding from his elbows. His kneecaps will be completely replaced with metal ones but they will work in the same way. His temples will grow two metal horns about 3 inches long each. His knuckles will each grow a 1 inch metal spike extension and finally out of his spine will extend spikes every three inches down starting from the base of his neck and going down to his waist level and these spikes will be about 6 inches long as well.

Power Description: Kaze's power has 2 main abilities. They are both in tune and play off of eachother. The first as it was basically described in the appearance is the steel solid metal that covers the layer right under his skin, forces his muscles to tense up and flex constantly and the metal spikes that come off of his body. His other ability is specific to the spikes on his back. Not only himself being super strong at this point and having an aided defense ability but he can take the spikes off of his back and as soon as they are removed from his back he can immediatly trasnform them into any metallic object. However once formed it cannot be transformed back for a week and if he exits this state during that time all the metallic objects will dissapear only to return into his hands at the end. He has a maximum number of 10 spikes on his back.

Advanced Power Appearance: Kaze's right half will form into a pure metal body with Kaze being in complete control over it. From his right shoulder there will be a giant spike about 1.5 feet long. Along his right arm the metal will be a scale layered system going down his arm overlapping and causing anyone who would reach or get close to him with bare skin to be slashed as well as weapons that stabbed him there to be caught in his arm. His fingers will each be like claws razor sharp and steel solid however still able to be balled into a fist. His right foot will have 1 large spike coming off of it and going about 4 inches up with miniature .5 inch spikes coming off of it. His right thigh will have overlapping scales like on his arm. His lower right leg will be covered in spikes each about 2 inches long. His left side however will look the same as it does in the basic power. His back would still have the spikes sticking out of him and the weapons created in that form will be the same.

Advanced Power Description: Kaze will be about twice as strong as he was before on his left side and about five times more physically strong than he was before on his right side. However the powers would be about the same as before. With only one difference. In addition to his power he also has melded a divide in his body between right and left. Not needing either side to fully function and he has gained the ability to stay without either side of his body together for about 15-20 minutes. 20 minutes causing damage and anything above causing permanent damage. If needed Kaze could sever himself in two halves and they would be both be fully functional. A second leg would grow out of the waist however no more of the body would grow unless 3 or more spikes from Kaze's back are used to create the rest of the body.

~History/RP Sample~

History: Age -5 to Age 1, The Prelude: Kaze's birth and beginning years focused more on those around him than at himself which is what happens as he aged according to his life at least. His father was a big part of his life at this time. Kaze never knew his father but his father wished for Kaze as a son for a long time. His father was partly a superhuman. He had powers but he never really knew what they were and never was really in any kind of situation to find out what his powers were. So his only power he knew what to do with was his natural ability that he could not turn off. That was the ability to see plus souls. Eventually meeting another superhuman female during one of his talks with a plus soul to try and find out what he was. A hollow attacked and a female superhuman came in and out from her fingers several small fire rocket like things were fired and collided with the side of the hollow. She dodged around the hollows attacks for quite some time tiring herself out finally jumping on the hollows back and sticking her fingers into its head and firing the rockets into its head she fell off and the hollow was dead and turned into Reiatsu and Reikoryoku. Kaze's father nursed the girl back to health and when she finally awoke back to her normal self all healed up she was grateful to him and soon they became friends. One day the friendship got intimate and both being in the mood the two had sex at Kaze's father's apartment. After this however Kaze's father was tracked down by the hollows and killed. Months before Kaze was born. However knowing that this was a very important thing to the girl's best friend she bore the baby anyways. She died in child birth and Kaze was left alone in an apartment as a baby. The baby crawled around and ended up eating the blood from his birth and eventually after getting hungry enough and not knowing about human life ate his mother to survive his first year in life. He eventually found the fridge by smelling the bad smell and crawling and crying he found things laying out and ate them to. Unable to open doors so the place that had been refuge for the mother who decided to save his life and her death bed as well became the trap of his parent's legact. So Kaze sat in front of the door after seeing someone come out of one looking out the window. Kaze sat by the door and cried as loudly as he could and planned on staying there crying until he was found and fed.

Ages 2-5, The Immemorial watcher: Eventually a man named Sakatai found him there after passing by one day and hearing the crying and passing by the next day and hearing the crying. He opened the door and found a starving baby boy crying in the house with blood all over the carpet and a terrible smell coming from the house. Knowing eventually the police would find the house Sakatai took the baby and carried him to his own home. Sakatai was also a superhuman and had known his mother somewhat and had stopped talking to her about when she got pregnant. Knowing where she lived he decided to check by and walk outside of her house every once in a while. Knowing he was much more powerful than the girl that was Kaze's mother. Kaze never will know what name his mother called him or would have called him, nor the name Sakatai went by. However he would know the last name of his people and his parents forever because of Sakatai. Sakatai had a duty to himself to fight hollows, they had killed his parents and they had been responsible for the death of everyone or most everyone close to him. So he was basically out constantly. He had trained himself to sense the hollows pressure with extreme sensitivity. So usually when a hollow appeared he would go and take care of it unless he felt another pressure dealing with it, like a quincy or a bounto or another superhuman. Sakatai however saved Kaze's life and fed him and kept him clean and kept him healthy for a few years. When Kaze turned 5 years old Sakatai never returned to his home where Kaze was waiting. However now being old enough figured that he was abandoned by his sensei who taught him about the soul world named Sakatai. So Kaze wandered off into the night and wandered the streets for a long time until finally he was found by a gang of kids and who took him in because they felt he was special in some way. They wanted some of what they felt coming off of him. For the first few months this was great and they lived as a group of urchins in Karakura town. Kaze always checking Sakatai's house for his return but never finding him. However this all changed when one of Kaze's dearest friends in this rag tag group of people named Rinkei was killed by a rival in their own ranks. Kaze had to confront him for he was loyal to his friends.

Ages 6-10, The pressural war: Kaze attacked the kid who had fought and killed his best friend Rinkei and with all of his power tried to overcome him. However being only 6 years old he didn't stand to much up to a 10 year old who was a born and raised street fighter who had lived his whole life fighting. He just wasn't a match for this kid. However eventually when Kaze had been beaten down enough he found another reserve of energy in him. When he leaped up and exerted this power he felt in his body spikes shot from his body and extended from many places and his back became a boney lined metal spike field. Kaze rushed the kid now and raked his eyes out and while he was screaming in pain Kaze punched him in the gut with his knuckle spiked hands and stabbed forward into the screaming kid shutting him up for a second. Kaze then ripped his hands back and forth then pulled back and his entire stomach came out in two pieces along with a ton of blood and his intestines. Kaze saw the terrible thing in front of him and threw up on it. The other kids feared him even as his peacock like metal outsides went away into his body and he became a normal 6 year old again. Soon after from the injuries he suffered while he fought before he activated his powers he passed out. Next time he woke he was being carried by a giant. A man who called himself Kaze meaning shadow. The man taught Kaze how to fight in a special style that relied on power and speed at once with a solid defensive base and a strong reliance on ones thought process. It was perfect for Kaze Daizaemon. In honor of this man when he left when Kaze was at age 8 he took his name. with the last name left to him by Sakatai in a note He became named Kaze Daizaemon. Kaze then traveled around and found people like him. He was large for his age even though he was only 8 he was about 5'2 which was of size to convince people he was older. Finding superhumans like him he ganged up with a group of them with odd powrers themselves. One hated a people named shinigami who had a power to grow boney horns and summon and control fire by hand movements. One named Cherry who had the ability to move things with his mind. Another superhuman named Resku who had the ability to transfer his body parts into different elements. Being a solid wind kind of form that cut anything that touched it, a flaming limb, a limb covered in earth, or a limb made of water. These people became his friends and he grew up to dislike whatever went by the name of shinigami. However he never knew what those things were. Kaze eventually at age 9 he got caught up in a war. His superhuman group vs another that was also 4 members. So in order to settle it they each took one on. Kaze took on the youngest of other group who was about 14 however he was only a couple inches bigger than Kaze. The other kid attacked and had the ability to pull swords out of his hands. So when one was pulled otu Kaze would block it with his spikes and twist it out the kids hand another would form while Kaze was trying to get on the offensive the kid was too fast. Finally remembering something he was told from the man who taught him he let the kid stab him in a non vital part of his body and with the kid happy he stabbed him Kaze took his elbow spike and rammed it into the kids head. Forever he now has the scar of being stabbed in the chest. However he was the only winner for Cherry and Resku and the other who never gave himself a name all were killed.

Ages 11-18, Wandering King: After his friends were killed Kaze turned to being solo. He wanted to rule the town and become known by everyone. So whenever something came up somewhere he would go to where it was and kill all who were there. Whether it was fellow superhumans, Quincy or Bounto. Along with every hollow he met. His heart went black and he had no mercy and no shame. Everything about his life turned into a hell hold and everything he did he did in pain and agony of his friends being dead. Finally a bounto questioned him on why he was doing this. Instead of talking Kaze went directly into his newly developed second form to his move and attacked the bount with everything he had. However the bount overpowered him eventually and put his boot on Kaze's head and said words Kaze will never forget. "There is always a bigger fish, and when you are not merciful you will be eaten by a bigger fish." Living now as a combination of merciful and just and evil in pain about his friends deaths and everyone he ever knew well being killed Kaze began the rest of his life...

RP Sample: http://naruto-x.forumsmotion.com/raikage-office-f35/checking-upmission-hopefully-t4570.htm#67558
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Kaze Daizaemon
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